Oklahoma Geographic Information Council


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Council Members
Contact Information
Mike Sharp
Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Phone: 405.521.4813
Email: mike.sharp@conservation.ok.gov
Derrick Stark
Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Phone: 405.530.8864
Email: derrick.stark@owrb.ok.gov

Russell Standridge
Oklahoma Geological Survey

Phone: 405.325.8056
Email: gstan@ou.edu

Mike Sexton
Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Phone: 405.815.5189
Email: michael.sexton@commerce.ok.gov

Michael Larson
Oklahoma State University
OSU Cartography Services
Department of Geography
Phone: 405.744.7344
Email: michael.larson@okstate.edu
Kristen Gillman
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Phone: 405.522.6281

Christopher Mask
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Phone: 405.464.8065
Email: Christopher.Mask@ag.ok.gov
Todd Fagin
University of Oklahoma
Center for Spatial Analysis
Email: tfagin@ou.edu
Matthew Wormus
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Phone: 405.702.5137
Email: Matthew.Wormus@deq.ok.gov

Steve Oliver
Oklahoma Tax Commssion
Phone: 405.319.8200
Email: steve.oliver@tax.ok.gov

Oklahoma Regional Universities


Larry Stein
Oklahoma County Assessor
Phone: 405.361.9307
Email: arlarste@oklahomacounty.org
Barbara Gibson
Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils
Phone: 918.579.9428
Email: bgibson@incog.org
Charles Brady, III
City Governments
Phone: 580.221.2541
Email: cbrady@ardmorecity.org

Sam Coldiron
Oklahoma Transportation Cabinet

Phone: 405.522.1066
Email: scoldiron@odot.org

Kellie Winkler
Oklahoma Corporation Commission

Phone: 405.522.2733
Email: kellie.winkler@occ.ok.gov
Okla. Office of Management and Enterprise Services  
Rohit Rai
Office of Homeland Security
Phone: 405.542.7465
Email: Rohit.Rai@okohs.ok.gov