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Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning

On February 9, 2007, the State GI Council approved the following Strategic and Business Plan. Also following is the Assessment of Strategic Planning Process as presented at the February 9 GI Council meeting.

Strategic & Business Plan

Assessment of Strategic Planning Process


Planning Process

In early 2006, the GI Council submitted and received a NSDI Category 3 Grant to complete a strategic plan for the Office of Geographic Information (OGI). Phase One of the OGI strategic planning began by a representative of the OGI attending a workshop at the NSGIC Mid-Year Meeting in Annapolis, Maryland. Phases Two through Six (assumptions, mission and vision, long-term goals, objectives and action plans) began after the Council adopted a proposal to hire a facilitator to guide it through the strategic planning process approved by the Oklahoma Office of State Finance and the NSDI Grant.

A Strategic Planning Team (SPT) comprised of representatives from the Council and key stakeholders in the GIS technology community planned a needs assessment and two focus groups to precede the official strategic planning sessions.

The comprehensive needs assessment was distributed electronically to all known stakeholders in the Oklahoma geographic information community: 213 The purpose of the needs assessment was to find out who is using GIS technology, what the level of usage is, what the future need for GIS is, what types of activities or support they want from the OGI, how they believe the OGI should be funded, and if they want a statewide GIS conference. The 143 responses represented a 67 percent return rate. The categories of respondents included state, federal, regional, county, municipal, non-profit, private, utility, energy, education, military, and tribal entities. Results of the needs assessment can be found in the following two documents:

Oklahoma GIS Needs Assessment Survey
Oklahoma GIS Needs Assessment Survey Graphs

The needs assessment was followed by two state-wide focus groups (in Tulsa and Oklahoma City). The invitations (75) were sent to those who indicated an interest in attending on their returned needs assessment. It also represented a statistical representation of the population surveyed in the needs assessment. The focus groups processed five questions: a visioning question and questions about OGI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Results of the focus groups can be found in the following document:

Strategic Directions

The SPT ensured the planning process began on a firm foundation of a thorough environmental scan and a survey of the customers and stakeholders. Using the results of the needs assessment and the focus groups, the team met on three days to complete the environmental study, write the mission and vision for the Office of Geographic Information, determine the strategic directions, and identify goals and key performance measures. Results of the strategic planning team can be found in the following documents:

Practical Vision
Recommended Mission Statement
Strategic Strategies