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Digital Atlas of Oklahoma

The 25 digital-map data sets, known as the Digital Atlas of Oklahoma, have been compiled to provide a set of basic statewide geographic data suitable for use with Geographic Information System (GIS) software. The collection of data sets, compiled in 1997, is intended to benefit people just learning to use GIS as well as experienced GIS users. Most of the data sets were developed from 1:100,000-scale maps (on which one inch equals about 1.6 miles) and provide a level of spatial detail convenient for users interested in geographic areas ranging from a few square miles to watersheds, counties, or the entire state.

Statewide data provided includes county boundaries, U.S. Congressional districts, Oklahoma House and Senate districts, latitude and longitude lines, school district boundaries, stream gage locations and topographic quad map locations. Data provided for each county includes census geography and demographic data, contour lines and elevation points, geographic names, roads, school district boundaries, streams, and township and range information.

The Digital Atlas of Oklahoma can be downloaded at www.csa.ou.edu.